I Was Happy to Have a Skinned Knee

Sometimes you can afford to cut time out of your busy schedule to have fun with loved ones. This past weekend, I was home and my younger sister Abby, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, helped me take a break from constantly working.

It was a chilly fall evening, and it was beginning to sprinkle outside. I was snuggled up inside with my face to a laptop screen working on my blog and articles for The Pointer. Abby bought some new rollerblades and asked if I wanted to try them out with her.

For those of you who do not know me well, I love to work, especially on writing. When I am disturbed, I can have an attitude, but this night was different. Abby convinced me to go outside with her.

On the sidewalk, Abby wobbled a bit on her rollerblades and constantly clutched onto my leather jacket for support. After a while, she was zipping around. Even though it was cold and drizzling rain, the sunset broke through the clouds and illuminated all the autumn leaves with an orange glow. As we laughed and chatted about sister stuff on the tree-lined sidewalk, I was enjoying the moment more than thinking about everything I had to do during the week.

We arrived at City Park where there were smoother sidewalks. As Abby raced down the sidewalks, I sat under the park pavilion. I had time to admire the crooked tree branches, the sleek look of wet pavement, the smiles on parents’ and children’s faces, and Abby’s speed. My surroundings seemed more real when I did not have my head buried in a screen.

I did not plan on trying out her rollerblades, but they looked too fun to pass up. I laced up, wobbled and I was off.  Abby ran alongside me and jokingly tried pushing me to make me jolt forward. I sped up so she could not catch me. At first I was getting the feel for it. By that time, I had completely shed my serious attitude and told Abby we should ride into the sunset in a dramatic fashion.

We took a sidewalk and were singing songs we made up.  While giggling and singing, I felt like I was flying.

I overestimated my rollerblade skills and tripped at an intersection. My hands caught my fall, but I fell on my right knee. It was skinned and I ripped one of my favorite pairs of jeans. Instantly frustration welled up inside of me, but Abby said, “at least you’re having fun.”

I was having such a good time that a ripped pair of jeans and a small scrape would not outweigh the fun I had with my sister that evening.

I replied, “your optimism is almost sickening, but I like it.”

Sometimes, we get too wrapped up in life and little set backs can throw us way off. I love the work I do, but since I love it so much it is easy to forget there is a whole world spinning around me. Sometimes, it is a good idea to let go and spin with the world.

Emily Showers
Pointlife Editor

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