Concert Preparation Rewards Choir Students
The choir rehearses for their first concert of the fall. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Concert Preparation Rewards Choir Students

Choir students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point performed their fall concert in Michelsen Hall on Oct. 17. The concert showcased talent of three choirs while exhibiting a sense of community while performing.

The first choir to take the stage was Women’s Choir, conducted by Judy Bond, a coordinator of music education at UWSP. Following Women’s Choir was Concert Choir, then Choral Union, both conducted by Lucinda Thayer, a professor and director of choral activities at UWSP.

Thayer referred to the fall concert as a choral collage. At the university level, Concert Choir is considered an advanced choir. They rehearse daily throughout the school year.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

“For any given concert, my job is to expand the student’s worlds,” Thayer said. “That means that they may be singing in a language they have never sung in before.”

Concert Choir encompasses about 30 students, whereas Choral Union is much larger. Choral Union consists of male and female singers, but only meets twice a week. Thayer said both choirs started rehearsing during the second week of classes.

Kat Taylor, a sophomore arts management major, is part of Choral Union. Taylor joined UWSP choirs as a sophomore because she regretted not joining freshman year.

Taylor said she enjoyed learning the pieces Choral Union sang for the fall concert.

“The first one we sang is probably one of my favorites,” Taylor said. “It almost brings tears to my eyes. It’s so beautiful. It’s like a lullaby.”

Taylor said she loves the atmosphere of Choral Union.

“We come together because we all have a passion and love for singing. Professor Thayer is an amazing professor because she is so talented and knowledgeable,” Taylor said.

Andrew Schneyer, a freshman water resources major, was an audience member at the concert. Schneyer said he was there to support his friends onstage. He liked how every choir had a different dynamic on stage.

“I liked the different musical instruments that Women’s Choir incorporated into their performance,” Schneyer said. “I also liked the variety of pieces that Concert Choir did, and the different vocal ranges they had.”

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Reflecting from the preparation process to the end product, Taylor said she has found the experience of UWSP choirs intrinsically rewarding.

“I love being on stage because I can tell a story with my voice or make someone’s day, and I find that to be really fulfilling,” Taylor said.



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