UWSP The Buzz Unique Opportunity for University

Since spring 2014, USA Today, the Student Government Association and The Pointer have worked on an app called UWSP The Buzz for students, faculty and staff at the university through the Collegiate Readership Program.

As one of the nine universities in the nation chosen to be a part of this launch, we are both fortunate and privileged to have this app.

UWSP The Buzz will be available on both iOS and Android devices. It will be completely customizable to students, allowing them to choose content from any Gannett newspaper as well as The Pointer.

Future updates will allow students to customize the app even further. The calendar and “Your Take” features will allow students to post their own works for campus viewing.

As a journalist and supporter of the program, I encourage all students to download the app to stay informed of campus, local, national and global news. It is scheduled for an early November release. I am excited for a mobile readership program and the ability for everyone on campus to have easy access to a variety of news sources.  Including, of course, The Pointer.

Grace Ebert



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