Campus Library Gets A Makeover
The new study space on the 6th floor of the library is now available to students. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Campus Library Gets A Makeover

Within the year, the Division of Academic Success renovated and refurnished multiple library study rooms to provide higher technology and advanced equipment for students.

“We are trying to provide more space for students to work independently and within group settings,” said Heather Springer, the academic success business manager.

The sixth floor group study space has made the most impact on students due to the installation of technology spaces and canvas white boards for brainstorming.

Senior Matt Jannsen used the renovated space with a collaborative group for a health science 490 project.

“The white boards are definitely aesthetically pleasing,” Jannsen said. “I think this room suits our needs a lot better than some of the other study rooms on campus.”

The space benefits both groups and independent studies.

“The renovations are awesome,” said Katie Mitchell, the assistant manager at Access Services. “I used the sixth floor room to study on my own and really enjoyed it. I’m an interior architecture major, so I noticed how the design of the room made me feel. I found it to be a very calming place to get work done.”

In addition, the third floor classroom was refurnished with high top tables and lounge chairs to brighten up the once dull study room. Room 310 is open to all students at any time.

“If students need a place to work on projects, we recommend the collaboration room on the third floor,” Springer said. “You can make a reservation at the Access Services desk if you need a secure spot, but it’s not necessarily needed.”

The collaboration room has been refurnished in the past with a giant monitor and worktables for group settings. An additional collaboration area will soon be open on first floor in room 107.

“We want to eventually equip 107 with iPads so students can link up to each of the monitors individually,” Springer said. “We hope these added spaces will create more inviting working environments for students.”


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