Filmmakers Presents Halloween Festival
A screenshot from one of the submissions that will be shown during the Halloween Film Festival.

Filmmakers Presents Halloween Festival

Filmmakers Club is hosting a Halloween Film Festival in the library Oct. 30 at 8 p.m.

The festival screening is open to students, faculty and the community.

Senior communication major Matthew Bonde is co-president of the club. Bonde believes the festival is a good way to encourage students to showcase their work.

“I hope that they are able to take away a sense of pride by being able to produce work and have it shown to an audience,” Bonde said.

Filmmakers Club accepted short film entries that were three to seven minutes long. The theme was Halloween. Bonde said contestants interpreted the theme in various ways.

Senior communication major Matthew Faltz, a co-president of the club, said entries for the festival ranged from blatantly spooky to subtly horrific.

“I think people that are watching or involved can get a sense that there is a lot that an individual student can do,” Faltz said.

Faltz said the club is a great learning resource for those interested in film because members are passionate about experimenting with the art of it.

“You can have discussions and learn things from them,” Faltz said. “They’ve filmed stuff before and know how to respond to questions that you might have or offer suggestions. It’s really great, and they’re really all talented and fun people to work with.”

Alex Ingersoll, an assistant professor of media studies and production, is the club’s faculty advisor. Ingersoll appreciates that club members have different skills, talents and capabilities. Their differences create a diverse and enthusiastic environment.

“The club is a great space for them to talk about the work they are doing,” Ingersoll said. “You don’t have to feel like you’re a professional about making films to come participate and have fun.”

A screenshot from one of the submissions that will be shown during the Halloween Film Festival.

A screenshot from one of the submissions that will be shown during the Halloween Film Festival.

Ingersoll is one of many who prepared a film for the festival. He said he filmed his submission in a restroom and completed his final project in an hour. Many club members also submitted their own work for the festival.

Filmmakers Club is excited to bring this event to the public for the first time just before Halloween night. They hope to kick off the weekend with spooky media to satisfy the public’s spirits.


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