Green Fund Continues to Build Momentum
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Green Fund Continues to Build Momentum

Over $100,000 of allocated student funds are up for grabs in the schools’ Green Fund.

Nine board members sit in on a weekly meeting and make the final decision on how this money will be spent. While one seat remains open, the committee is excited that proposals are starting to roll in.

“It’s set up like any other grant system,” said committee chair Alex Thomas. “The committee will generally accept a proposal, but with changes.”

The Green Fund is in its second of three years and has already made an impact.

Retrofitting the Encore with new, energy efficient lighting as well as installing a boiler room at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station were accomplished through the Green Fund in 2013. The new lighting was a $43,000 upgrade, but resulted in a 70 percent efficiency boost.

Thomas also alluded to a few projects in the works this year, including a rooftop greenhouse on the College of Professional Studies building and expansion of the bike rental program.

Any student or organization can submit a proposal, with the main stipulation being that it must provide a service for students.

Most projects are still in their beginning stages and the fund has plenty of room for additional ones. Thomas stressed the importance of students taking action and utilizing this resource.


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