‘Sex and the City’ Fans Respond to Parker’s Cryptic Tweets

Sarah Jessica Parker, the former star of HBO’s “Sex and the City,” teased fans of the series when she sent a series of cryptic tweets beginning Oct. 3 and lasting throughout the month about the possibility of a third film.

Among Parker’s most speculative tweets was one sent to Kristin Davis, who starred in “Sex and the City” as Charlotte.

“@KristinDavis Me too you! Heard the news? X,” said Parker in response to a tweet from Davis that read, “@SJP Miss YOU! XOXOXO!! <3.”

Fans are vocal about the possibility of “Sex and the City 3.” Many seem to be excited about watching strong relationships present in the series unfold in a third film.

“I loved both “Sex and the City” films, so I am ecstatic that there’s a possibility of a third film,” said Jaleesa Howard, a blogger and creative director at TheFashionGeekBlog.com. “I think everyone is excited to see Carrie and Big’s relationship unfold in a third movie, especially after they really set the boundaries in their marriage in ‘Sex and the City 2.’ Everyone is wondering if there’s a possibility of a little Carrie running around in Dior or Lanvin and if Samantha finally settles down.”

Howard hopes producers send characters to another exotic location like the second film when Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda traveled to Abu Dhabi.

“I’d love to see more about Charlotte’s growing family, but I would not love to see more of Aidan,” New York University alumna Mary Williamson said. “ I get that there needs to be some tension between Carrie and Big, but his return in the last movie was sort of a yawn. I like that the franchise continues to push boundaries by presenting all facets of married life.”

Mary Williamson channels Carrie Bradshaw. Photo courtesy of Mary Williamson.

Mary Williamson channels Carrie Bradshaw. Photo courtesy of Mary Williamson.

Williamson, a business of entertainment major at New York University, now works in media in New York City while moderating her own blog, chihuahuaandthecity.blogspot.com. She is a self-described “Sex and the City” loyal.

“When I was accepted to NYU, my grandfather wanted to buy me a car, but it was impractical to keep one in Manhattan,” Williamson said. “So he said to my mom, ‘If she’s not going to get a car, she needs a nice way to get around, how about a great pair of shoes?’ That’s how I ended up in Manhattan with  ‘Sex and the City’ on DVD, a pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes, and a pair of Christian Louboutins.”

Williamson said she watched the whole series in her college dorm room one night in 2007, followed immediately by a screening of the two films.

Briana Luca, a mass communication student at Iona College, said when “Sex and the City” first aired, it was a game-changing show for women. Luca said she feels there is always a story left to tell with the four main female characters.

“It changed the way women were seen on TV and how women looked at relationships and sex,” Luca said. “It was a show that shaped television for the future, not just a silly show about a writer and sex. I’d like to see Samantha and Smith get back together, maybe more kids for Charlotte and Miranda, and a definite happy ending for Carrie and Big.”

Luca said she watched the series and films. If a third film is made, she believes it would be a hit because of the strong fan following the series has already drawn.

“For my benefit along with other diehard fans, I say go full force with the third movie. I’ll be watching,” Luca said.

Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart, an assistant professor of interpersonal communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, analyzed the possibility of a third film based on the character’s previous relationships.

“When I was younger I was much more of a fan, but now I’m more critical of the series because of what I do for a living,” Mikucki-Enyart said. “I think the producers’ intent is to make the show powerful for women, but they don’t always talk about safe sex. At the same time, the relationship between Carrie and Big shows a positive, alternate way of being a family, that is being child free.”

Mikucki-Enyart said while the franchise tends to show unrealistic expectations of relationships and sex for viewers, producers have done a good job showing realities of friendship.

“Producers can do whatever they want with the show,” Mikucki-Enyart said. “Hopefully, they do things that don’t please audiences in a third installment. Life isn’t always tied up into a nice little bow, so it would be nice to see displeasing relationships that depict real life drama.”

Last February Michael Patrick King, the “Sex and the City” producer, told “Entertainment Weekly,” “there’s one story left,” adding to the fuel of fan excitement and production speculation about a third installment. Though production rumors have not been confirmed, fans continue to explore the possibilities of a third film and wait for Carrie Bradshaw to give them the go-ahead, “Hello lover.”


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