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As reproductive health peer educators on campus, you can imagine we have got some pretty interesting questions. And we love it! Check out our Facebook page, UWSP Reproductive Health Peer Educators, for the survey link so we can anonymously answer your questions in our next column!

If you are a guy or girl looking for free or reduced reproductive health care then Family Planning Only Services is a great option for you! The Family Planning Only Services (FPOS) Waiver is part of the Wisconsin Medicaid program that is dedicated to providing men and women family planning tools to prevent unplanned pregnancies and keep us healthy.

The Family Planning Waiver covers contraceptive services and supplies, condoms, birth control, natural family planning supplies, annual exams for both men and women, pap smears, pregnancy testing, STI testing and treatment.

Certain services like mammograms and hospitalizations are not covered. The waiver only covers reproductive health concerns. Your provider will let you know what is and is not covered.

Q: So how do I sign up?
A: It’s easy! You can access the application online at Just click on ‘Apply For Benefits.’ UWSP Health Service can help you out with your application if you run into any troubles or would just like more information. All you have to do is set up an appointment with them by calling (715) 346-4646.

Q: What will I need to complete the application?
A: Two things, identification and if you’re working, paycheck stubs.
1) Identification. The state needs to know who you are. If you were born in Wisconsin a Driver’s License (or your PointCard) will work. If you were not born in Wisconsin grab your passport or birth certificate.
2) Paycheck stubs, to ensure that you are not making too much money.

Things to keep in mind:
If you’ve never done this before, you are a New Applicant.

When you’re filling out the application, only count your household as one. (Your roommates don’t count for this!)

Mail or fax all documents the website asks. The state will not accept your application if you do not do this.

Check your mail. The state will send you information and requests including your application renewal paperwork. If you move, you must log back into the website and change your address.



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