Remove Confusion from Registration

The time is creeping up to register for classes, and students might be scrambling to decide what classes to take next semester.

Kami Weis and Carol Lanphear-Cook, two academic advisors for the Student Academic Advising Center, addressed mistakes younger students make when registering. Weis said a common mistake is students do not realize some classes require permission from the instructor.

“It’s hard because the computer system will allow you to register for a class that requires permission even if you never received it,” Lanphear-Cook said.

Weis said students sometimes do not understand the class rankings and that 300 level courses are meant to be junior level courses.

Director of general education Nancy LoPatin-Lummis said students should ask advisors if they are confused. Lanphear-Cook said advisors can do much more than help with the registration process, and students should form a relationship early on with their advisor, so they can help them as much as possible.

Although it is an advisor’s job to be a resource to students, LoPatin-Lummis said it is the student’s education, and the ultimate decision is up to them.

“The final decision is up to the student,” Weis said. “The advisors are there to guide them and be a resource.”

“In the end, the student chooses the classes and is in control of the mouse during registration,” said Anna Schneider, the Freshman Interest Group Academic Resource Coordinator of Neale Hall.

For new students, all of this can seem extremely stressful and Schneider acknowledged that.

“Students get the most stressed out if their classes close by the time they register,” Schneider said. “This may force them to take filler classes that they don’t really need.”

Schneider said this can put students behind for graduation, but she has a solution to avoid this. She said freshmen should create a four-year plan and carefully plan their classes. Weis and Lanphear-Cook said holistic planning is advantageous.

Registration can be a tricky time, especially for students new to campus. The SAAC offices, the ARCs and avdvisors are willing to lend a hand.


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