Street Harassment Prevalent on Campus
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Street Harassment Prevalent on Campus

Whether it is going for a walk in the evening or daylight, women sometimes experience offensive comments and whistles. This has recently been brought to attention through YouTube videos that record women going about daily activities while men verbally express their attraction on the street.

When this harassment occurs, it can cause insecurity for women.

Some of this attention may be harmless but can be taken too far. This has been a continual issue at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Members of the Women’s Resource Center shared thoughts and personal experience with street harassment. A majority find harassment occurs more during evenings downtown, particularly on weekends.

Some of the comments these women have received have been “ come with us,” “ where you going, beautiful?,” “hey baby,” “ are you going to just ignore me?” and numerous car honks.

Representatives of the WRC agreed this is not the way for women to receive compliments.

This can be a way of getting someone’s attention. While it may be a joke to these men, it can end up being a serious matter.

According to, around 65 percent of women are verbally harassed and around 25 percent of men are as well.

The Women’s Resource Center hopes to spread the word against offensive street harassment with their Cats Against Catcalling movement.


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