‘Framed!’ Aims to Educate Students about Body Discrimination
This week, Coffee & Culture invites students to drink coffee and tea while listening to a presentation called "Framed!" by Mariah Pfundheller. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

‘Framed!’ Aims to Educate Students about Body Discrimination

People do not have the luxury of choosing what family they are born into; similar to how they cannot choose the body they are born with.

The goal of the Coffee and Culture presentation “Framed!” is to teach attendees about body discrimination through an activity. This presentation will be Nov. 20.

The student leadership and market coordinator Mariah Pfundheller is in charge of organizing Coffee and Culture. “Framed!” is different than past Coffee and Cultures because instead of having an outside speaker, Pfundheller will run the event herself.

“’Framed!’ is more of a surprise for everyone who shows up, we are trying to keep it a secret. ‘Framed!’ is an art program. Everyone who comes will be painting,” Pfundheller said.

Pfundheller hopes attendees will walk away from the event understanding that people do not choose the way they look or the culture they are born into.

“We will be paintings frames,” Pfundheller said. “People will be discriminated against depending on their frame, it’s an analogy because we are born into our bodies.”

“Coffee and Culture gives people the chance to learn about different cultures,” Pfundheller said. “I wanted to wrap up the semester with ‘Framed!’ to let people know that some people are born more privileged than others.”
Following the activity, attendees will participate in an open discussion about effects of inequality and what it was like to be treated based on the frame they had.

Greek life and leadership coordinator Liz Gillmore hopes attendees are able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a broader understanding of others.

“I think ‘Framed!’ is a great program,” Gillmore said. “Hopefully people will learn something about the way that they treat people.”

Both Gillmore and Pfundheller think those who attend “Framed!” will learn about privilege and diversity.

“I love the after affects that Coffee and Culture has,” Pfundheller said. “I’ve had people feel more comfortable at this college, because finally a topic that is an issue to them is being covered.”


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