Paintball Club Pursues New Fields

The Paintball club is looking for new fields to offer to its members.

“Paintball is a recreational sport, and in our club we offer at least three trips a semester so people can get a chance play on one of the nearby fields,” said sophomore president Travis Rauch.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Paintball club requires a $25 membership fee and $5 per trip or $20 per trip for those without memberships.

“We are a club that consists of people who enjoy going paintballing all over the state and we welcome anyone who is interested in going to come with us,” said junior treasurer Brent Levash.

Generally the club sticks to the Wausau, Green Bay and Wisconsin Rapids fields for their monthly outings.

“We go to Green Bay and Wausau, but we’re looking around for another field to mix things up,” Rauch said.

The club offers regular paintball along with a wide variety of games and activities at some outings.

“One of the games we play is president where one person, the president, is blindfolded without a gun and he has a detail that had to get him from one end of the field to the other,” Rauch said. “Then there are people that are assassins that are trying to kill the president.”

The club also does death matches, capture the flag and a zombie game where “survivors” hide and the zombies have to be shot in the head in order to die. They also play continuously until players run out of paint or air to power their guns.

Regardless of the style of play, the club is open to anyone who has interest in the sport.

“There is no experience level required,” Levash said. “We have players that come out for their first time, and then we have players who have been going for a while. We try to balance the teams when we go.”

New players who join don’t have to worry about the club getting too competitive.

“It’s naturally a competitive sport, but we just play for fun and try to have a good time,” Levash said.

Transportation and equipment needed to participate is provided.

“We provide gear and if there are too many people then the field will go to can give us some spare gear,” Rauch said.

Some officers and more experienced players are part of a speedball team that plays in competitive tournaments during the summer.

Levash has been paintballing for over eight years now. He loves the extra time the club gives him on the paintball field.

“I like being able to meet new people every time we go out,” Levash said. “It’s not to be able to not worry about anything and just have fun while paintballing.”

The club is open to anyone who is looking to go paintballing or try it for their first time.

“Our office is in the University Recreational Sports room in the DUC, and people are welcome to stop by if they have any questions,” Levash said. “Our officers are usually in there, and if not we have our times posted behind our desk of when we are.”


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