Senior Dancers Arrange Recreated Pieces
The senior dance students. Photo by Marielle Schuchardt.

Senior Dancers Arrange Recreated Pieces

Senior dance students are preparing for their first ever Senior Dance Project.

The Senior Dance Project at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will be an hour long production of five recreated works, four of which are solos or duets and one repertoire piece.

These students will be dancing in The Senior Dance Project on Sunday. Photo by Marielle Schuchardt.

These students will be dancing in The Senior Dance Project on Sunday. Photo by Marielle Schuchardt.

“As a part of my arts management internship, I proposed the idea so that the dancers have the opportunity to show how they have progressed in the past four years,” said project coordinator Madelyn Mickelsen.

“We are performing our freshman repertoire piece called ‘The Inner Apartment,’ which is exciting because no one has ever seen it before,” said senior Alison Moerke.

“Every year, the first year dancers that come into the program get a piece of choreography. Sometimes it’s original, sometimes it’s reproduced.”

“Our piece is produced by Michael Estanich, one of our faculty members,” Moerke said. “The piece is from his dance company R.E. Dance Group.”

The senior class has come a long way since first learning the piece.

Senior Kellen Skidmore and her classmates have reflected on the growth of their skills.

“It’s funny because in the rehearsal we watch from a video of ourselves to relearn the piece,” Skidmore said. “We laugh at ourselves because we can see how far we’ve come. Doing the piece now feels much different than when we performed it as freshmen.”

Skidmore and her classmate Alyssa Berube are performing a duet called “Run to You.”

“We choreographed and performed the piece at ‘Afterimages Unplugged,’” Skidmore said. “Our duet is about suicide. It’s something that we don’t really talk about often.”

Photo by Marielle Schuchardt.

Photo by Marielle Schuchardt.

“It’s about a girl who is struggling with her demons and another trying to help her while being unsure that the girl who is struggling actually wants to be helped,” Skidmore said.

Dance students emphasize the importance of the opportunity to recreate pieces they have already performed in past years.

“The event showcases what we have done in the past,” Mickelsen said. “It’s an event of growth. It’s a good event to be able to pioneer for the program.”

“With our process, it’s exciting to see our growth as a class over four years,” Moerke said. “Just watching the video that we filmed our freshman year and comparing it to our movement now allows us to see our development.”

Though Mickelsen will be unable to coordinate the event in the future, she hopes underclassmen will be inspired by the event and continue to host it year after year.

The Senior Dance Project will happen on Nov. 16 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Jenkin’s Theatre.


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