Student Government Association: Environmental & Sustainability Comittee

Environmental and Sustainability Affairs Committee meets at 1 p.m. every Friday in the Dreyfus University Center conference room with Alex Thomas serving as chair.

Currently five senators are on this committee, but Thomas encourages anyone who is interested to attend a meeting.

“I would love to see a higher diversity,” Thomas said. “Right now we have CPS students and CNR students. I think environmentalism and sustainability pertains to all aspects of the campus. Not just the science based ones.”

This committee focuses on student life issues and showing how students can have a role in University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sustainability efforts.

Thomas says the group has been hard at work this year working on and starting new projects.

“One of the ones we’ve been working on is the creation of a rooftop garden on the CPS. The CPS Café would be in charge of maintaining it,” Thomas said. It would be a garden to supply the CPS Café, and it’s just 50 feet away, which would be awesome.”

Thomas says they are also working on revising the campus’s sustainable vending policy which would mean banning the sale of bottled water on campus.

“That’s the first step in an effort to ban bottled water and packaged water in general on campus. It’s something that was brought forth by previous senators, but there is no policy on it. So we’re giving it more teeth and then we’re going to pursue the issue further,” Thomas said.

In addition to these projects, they are also working on making the campus more bicycle friendly with a certification through the League of American Bicyclists, in addition to composting and creating a plastic film recycling program.


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