Student Government Association: Inclusivity Committee

The Inclusivity Committee meets on Thursdays at 5 p.m. in the Dreyfus University Center room 378 with Serah Washington serving as chair.

This committee focuses on bringing minority and non-traditional student issues to light. Inclusivity is in charge of making sure all students are represented on campus. To do this, the narrative project was started this year.

“What happens is we create a compilation of different interviews with different students and ask students what it’s like to be a part of their specific demographic,” Washington said. “This year we are focusing on privilege. We have an overarching question of what is your understanding of privilege and do you think it exists here on campus. From that we’ll break it down and ask sub-questions about their personal experiences with privilege.”

Last year’s project focused on students, but this year Washington wants to include faculty members, community advisors, and residence hall directors. She hopes to have the project ready to show by the beginning of the spring 2015 semester.

“We want many stories to make up one narrative. Everyone has different experiences and everyone has different viewpoints. We want to hear all of those view points and put them together to create that community sense on campus,” Washington said.

For interested students, Washington advises dedication to the committee by either attending meetings or contacting her with questions.

“If you have any interest in making a difference on campus this is a great committee to join. It’s a great committee if you want to share your experiences,” Washington said.


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