‘The Happening’ Creators Seek to Mystify, Socialize
Students from the arts management seminar 395 course. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

‘The Happening’ Creators Seek to Mystify, Socialize

Arts management seminar 395 students anticipate the presentation of their social art experience, “The Happening,” seeking to pull students away from technological devices and into the world of art on Nov. 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Encore.

Professor Jim O’Connell is proud of his students who came up with the project.

“There are about 14 people in the class who together came up with about 26 ideas,” O’Connell said. “They very quickly came together on this concept.”

O’Connell said the event is a surprise, but its overall theme is apparent.

“I know it’s going to be fun and a lot of unexpected things will happen,” O’Connell said. “I can guarantee students will leave refreshed.”

Senior Emily Huemann said she and her classmates spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas to have students interact with one another in a creative way and have fun doing it.

Students from the arts management seminar 395 plan for "The Happening. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Students from the arts management seminar 395 plan for “The Happening. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

“I think what we’ve come up with is really special,” Huemann said. “I’m excited for people to do something outside of their normal routines.”

Junior Niki Leinweber said she hopes the event brings students of all majors together.

“I hope that we can get people together who may not interact with each other face-to-face while doing something creative,” Leinweber said.

Leinweber said “The Happening” will not only be a unique experience for participants, but has been an especially unique in-class opportunity for arts management students.

“I have never personally done something like this before,” Leinweber said. “I have done event planning in the past, but nothing compares to this. I cannot wait to see everyone experience it and come together.”

Senior Heather Bonde said “The Happening” was designed as a social art experience, meant to incorporate art as a spontaneous experience for students and faculty.

“It’s at the core, a way to show everyone that art is not just fine arts, but can be done and enjoyed by everyone, even for those who say they can’t draw a stick figure,” Bonde said.

Bonde said conceptualizing “The Happening” was a way for students enrolled in the seminar to use and facilitate creativity and act on their passions for the arts.

Although the event will be a surprise for participants, O’Connell said fun experiences involving music, theater, movement, painting, sculpture, making masks, engaging with props and kazoos will occur. Throughout the event, arts management students will post video and photo updates to Facebook.

“They will try to lure you in from a table at the DUC in the concourse,” O’Connell said. “You don’t have to stay the whole time. You can come in and out, but I think some people will be hooked for the whole event.”

Huemann agreed.

“I can’t imagine anyone going and regretting it,” Huemann said.


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