First Year Dancers Ready for Performance Debut
The Lost Hive performance on Friday will be based off the original performance in 2007. Photo by Aaron Felske.

First Year Dancers Ready for Performance Debut

College of Fine Arts and Communication Creates put together “Beyond the Hive,” a series of events spanning from Nov. 10 to Dec. 7. The theme of “Beyond the Hive” revolves around the importance of bees in the world, with events ranging from lectures to art showings.

First year dance students are preparing for the Nov. 22 unveiling of their repertoire piece “The Lost Hive,” part of “Beyond the Hive.”

“I was approached by Liz Fakazis who was organizing the COFAC Creates event around a given theme,” said director Michael Estanich. “I just happened to have this piece ‘The Lost Hive’ prepared that uses the hierarchy of the bee colony and the ways that they communicate. I was interested in the way they establish community and unity.”

Estanich said first year students do not typically perform repertoire pieces for the public, so he is excited to push them to the next level.

“The repertoire piece is a way of introducing the first year students and to show their beautiful potential,” Estanich said.

Dancers look forward to showing the public their accomplishments this semester.

“It’s a little nerve-wrecking because we’ve only had ten rehearsals, and we’ll only have about two more,” said first year dancer Asher Fickett. “We’re coming down to the wire and having to trust the process.”

“It’s really cool to see how we’ve come together as a class and to see how we’ve developed,” said freshman Rachel O’Brien. “This piece shows how we’ve progressed. It’s not about the end result but more about the process.”

Estanich invited a local dance group to join his students to showcase community talent.

“We have invited the Point Dance Ensemble, which is a local youth dance group led by Barbara Luedtke,” Estanich said. “She just happened to be working with a guest artist that staged a piece called ‘The Hive’ and we thought it was a great way to involve the community.”

The Point Dance Ensemble will perform first with “The Hive” followed by first year dancers’ performance of “The Lost Hive.”

Curtain rise is at 7:30 p.m. in the Jenkins Theater and is free to all.


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