Foodies are More Than Eaters

Lately, more people are instagramming their latte art and kale salads and frequenting more ‘farm to table’ restaurants. The foodie trend has blown up.

Average foodies will tell you they enjoy dining more than others and understand the complexities of flavor and preparation to a much greater extent. They are much more than the typical eater.

As more people strive to perfect cheeseboards and incorporate bacon into every meal, they’ll be sure to post it on social media.

I agree that eating properly is important. I try to eat cleanly, with minimal processed goods. I shop at the co-op. I have even photographed restaurant meals while they got cold to post
on Instagram.

I’m clearly not above the current trend. I do, however, cringe when someone is a self-proclaimed foodie who needs to share with everyone.

While they drive food culture to greater, unexplored places, they also create a stigma for those who have always enjoyed eating and exploring food. Such a stigma has caused a debate of whether foodies are just extensions of hipsters.

The foodie trend has also brought awareness of local food and its importance to a sustainable world. More seem to be eating seasonally and shying away from conventional food in order to support farmers.

Interest in food is not the problem, but I look forward to the day when diners are able to enjoy their meals without boast or arrogance.


Grace Ebert

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