Interdisciplinary Studies Requirement Challenges Students
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Interdisciplinary Studies Requirement Challenges Students

Around this time of year, students begin the process of registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Many realize finding courses to fill their interdisciplinary studies requirement under the General Education Program can be a challenge.

Fulfilling this requirement can be difficult because most students want to take classes beneficial to their major that will provide them with skills applicable to the real world. This requirement aims to integrate various disciplines and make connections with the rest of the world.

General Education Director Nancy LoPatin-Lummis and chair of the General Education Committee in faculty governance said there were limited options for this requirement last spring, but has been updated since.

There are three levels to completing the GEP: foundation, investigation and integration. The foundation level consists of First Year Seminar, written and oral communication, quantitative literacy and wellness.

The investigation level includes arts, humanities, historical perspectives, social sciences and natural sciences.

The final level, integration, is the level including interdisciplinary studies, communication, experiential learning and the capstone experience.

The integration level is mainly based on problem solving skills. The goal is to learn different information from different perspectives, which could lead to additional skills for a future career.

To satisfy this requirement, students may take a three-credit course that integrates two or more disciplines. These disciplines must incorporate at least two categories from the investigation level. An interdisciplinary studies major, minor or certificate will also fulfill the requirement.

Regardless of the type of degree a student is working to receive, the GEP is designed to create a well-rounded experience.


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