Student Art League Inspires Artists
Students paint during the Student Art League's life drawing session on Monday. Photo by Allison Birr.

Student Art League Inspires Artists

Many students are in need of a creative outlet as post-midterm stress tends to linger until final exams are over.

The Student Art League reintroduced itself on campus this past year to provide a stress-free zone for students whether they are experienced or novice artists.

Photo by Allison Birr.

Photo by Allison Birr.

“SAL is a student group that provides artists, whether or not they are art majors, the opportunity to create artwork and connect with the community through art,” said treasurer Hector Acuna.

SAL offers weekly events for students and community members to get involved. The largest of these events is the life drawing sessions, held on Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m.

“Life drawing is drawing from the figure that is nude,” said member Jake Szeligowski. “It’s a classic art study and is one of the basic skills anyone in the art program needs to have.”

SAL organizes for a model to pose in various forms for artists to practice sketching each week.

“We do gestures, short poses and then move toward longer poses toward the end of the night,” said senior member Andrew Simons.  “People get a chance to draw a few different pictures and they don’t have to be perfect.”

Simons said life drawing sessions are meant to give artists room for improvement without judgment.

Photo by Allison Birr.

Photo by Allison Birr.

“Our main focus is to help people get practice drawing outside of the classroom,” Simons said. “It’s less stressful and there is no worrying about being graded.”

Aside from weekly life drawing sessions, SAL offers multimedia art events.

“On Nov. 19 we have a drawing session with Emmitt James,” Szeligowski said. “He is going to be performing hip hop. Students and Community members can bring art supplies. It’s a collaboration of music and art.”

Szeligowski explained SAL is looking to recruit additional members since many current members are graduating.

He hopes SAL will continue to be innovative by building relationships between campus and community.


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