Williams Enhances Brand Loyalty with New Line Extension
Cole Witter models for "London Before I'm 21." Photo by Katie Boeckman.

Williams Enhances Brand Loyalty with New Line Extension

Last March, senior arts management student Emmitt Williams, who began to seriously pursue his passion for producing clothing that spring, launched James London clothing.

Williams is excited to debut his newest line extension, “London Before I’m 21,” Dec. 5, 2014.

“My plan has always been to sell a lifestyle brand just as a company like Apple does,” Williams said. “Brand loyalty is very important to me.”

Williams enjoys high fashion displayed in magazines like Vogue. He describes his personal style as indie urbanesque and hobo-chic. These styles are reflected in “London Before I’m 21.”

One of the items from the Emmitt Williams line extension includes a crop top, which was launched in the summer. Photo by Katie Boeckman.

One of the items from the Emmitt Williams line extension includes a crop top, which was launched in the summer. Photo by Katie Boeckman.

Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts acting major Cole Witter modeled for Williams’s new line.

“Emmitt approached me in the Brewhaus one day after commenting on my outfit,” Witter said. “He said he loved my look and wanted to use me as one of the models in his lookbook.”

Witter said he has modeled for photographers before and is a photographer himself. He enjoys being in front and behind the lens.

“Emmitt is a great energy to be around,” Witter said. “He’s always up for a laugh, so the shoot went by quickly and smoothly,” Witter said. “He also allows us to bring our own artistry as models, photographers and stylists to the look. By doing that, it makes the work we’re doing even stronger.”

Katie Boeckman is taking time off of school to focus on her photography business. She was approached by Williams to photograph “London Before I’m 21.”

“Out of anyone I’ve worked with, Emmitt has really pushed me creatively and I’ve grown so much because of him,” Boeckman said. “Taking these photos was really important to me because eventually I would love to be a fashion photographer.”

Photo by Katie Boeckman.

Photo by Katie Boeckman.

Boeckman said she and Williams have similar styles, which makes it easy for them to collaborate.

“The clothing line is based on the idea of travel or being on the go,” Boeckman said. “It’s really fashion forward. The pieces that will be coming out are very basic but are important for any good wardrobe.”

Boeckman said the photographs she has taken embody an “on the go” look, which instills a travel-ready mindset.

“I love the simplicity yet versatility of all of the pieces he has released so far and I think that they all build on each other, really creating a cohesive and fun line,” Boeckman said.



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