Students Buckle Down for Finals
Some students choose to color code their notes to help them study for finals. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Students Buckle Down for Finals

Finals week is stereotyped as one of the most stressful times in a college student’s academic career, but if well prepared for, it can go smoothly.

To decrease anxiety caused by upcoming exams and projects, there are ways for students to cope with stress.

Hansen Hall Academic Resource Coordinators Mary Knight and Victoria Philippon mentioned their personal methods to stay organized and focused.

Try not waiting until the last minute to look over material. Getting a study group together with friends or classmates and creating flashcards are beneficial study tips.

“Start early and avoid cramming because that can stress you out even more,” Knight said. “Asking the professor each concept that is expected to complete the exam, using a study guide and re-looking at the syllabus can also help.”

Knight stressed the importance of reviewing the material multiple times before the exam and getting a good night’s rest with a healthy meal. She also suggested having numerous cups of coffee can be very helpful to this process.

Philippon explained that having a review packet can make going over the material easier as well as having an outline put together to create less of a hassle when it comes to studying. If studying for an English exam, she suggested practicing writing out the essay questions beforehand.

“If I have the vocabulary down, I can understand the concepts better,” Philiappon said. “Don’t study all the way up to the test. Make sure to take breaks in between to avoid going overboard.”

Sophomore Milica Mitrovic has strategies to stay focused.

“When I’m studying for finals, I always make sure to take breaks,” Mitrovic said. “The most effective way for me to take a break is by going to the gym. The gym lets me clear my mind and lets me focus on other things besides what grade I’m going to receive on the exam.”

Sophomore Kristina Obradovich shared her techniques for finals week.

“I don’t overuse my brain,” Obradovich said. “ I take breaks when I need them. I still try and have some fun and not exclusively study the whole time. Try not to cram. Don’t over-study. Don’t study from the second you wake up to the second you go back to sleep.”


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