The Peters: Brothers, Roommates, Teammates

Brothers Quinton Peters and Sam Peters have the opportunity to wrestle together at the collegiate level.

“It’s always been a family thing. We spent time with our dad grabbing lunch and going to a tournament somewhere,” said Sam Peters.

The Peters grew up watching Pointer athletics and are excited to be a part of it.

“It’s awesome to have the opportunity to wrestle for your hometown,” Quinton Peters said.

Wrestling in two different weight classes, the Peters have never competed against either other.

“They push and challenge each other when they wrestle,” said head coach Johnny Johnson. “They’re really close.

Wrestling a family member proves to be a challenge because they know each other so well.

“We’ve been wrestling since I can remember,” Sam Peters said. “We know each other’s techniques. I have to change it up.”

There are also advantages of wrestling next to a sibling.

“He knows how I wrestle so when I make a pin he can tell me what I did well and if I can improve,” Quinton Peters said.

Johnson coached his fair share of brothers and seen quite a few tempers flare.

“Siblings are less likely to hold tempers back and are more likely to really get into it,” Johnson said. “They’re two guys who grew up together.”

“We’re not the same weight class, but we’re at practice every day and I’m not going to hold back when I get angry,” Sam Peters said.

While tempers may be more likely to blow up, they do not see this to be much different than wrestling another partner.

“Brothers do a good job of leaving the sibling thing behind when they enter the room,” Johnson said.

When the team goes from drills to live wrestling, it does not matter who their partners are.

“When the whistle blows, it’s still one man against another,” Quinton Peters said.

Quinton said his anger occasionally shows through, but he considers Sam his brother and his best friend.

“We’re always pushing each other,” Quinton Peters said. “We have been since second grade. Whoever has more energy pushes the other.”

The Peters are also roommates. They live with a few other wrestlers but they still do not want to be outdone by each other.

“It lights a fire. You don’t want your brother to beat you,” Quinton Peters said. “Even if you’re only doing one sprint you don’t want to lose. You take it more personal. You can’t let it happen.”

When it comes to losing weight and staying true to workouts, they hold each other accountable.

“At certain points you don’t want to lift or go out for a run at six and when you’re trying to lose weight. You have someone to eat that can of tuna with you,” Sam Peters said. “When I hurt my arm, he could tell and he kept telling me I was almost done with the workout, just a little bit more.”

Sam Peters tore a bicep tendon recently but is excited to get onto the mat again. He also wants to make a varsity appearance this year.

“I want to get better and I will do that by listening to the coaches,” Sam Peters said. “As a team I want to see us capture the conference and send some people to nationals.”

Quinton Peters agrees and wants the Pointers to claim conference title and national appearance. He also has personal goals.

“I’m a freshman, so I just want to work hard every day and never take a day off,” Quinton Peters said.

It is always good to know their teammates have their back.

“My senior year I hurt my collarbone and he took my spot,” Sam Peters said. “He stepped in and it was nice to know someone I can trust was taking my spot.”

Quinton remembers wrestling at the Oshkosh on Water tournament in high school, a larger tournament that occurred over Christmas break.

“I think that was my most successful tournament in high school,” Quinton Peters said. “He was right there every time I came off the mat, giving me input on what I did good and bad and he had a bag of ice for my knee. I won my final match and I think I ended up taking fifth. His voice is the only thing I heard.”


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