Condom Fairy Provides Protection for Students
Students can sign up to have health services drop off condoms in their mailboxes in the residence halls. Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Condom Fairy Provides Protection for Students

Every month the condom fairy delivers a variety of free condoms to students to promote safe sex.

Kimberly Lizan, the executive coordinator of the Women’s Resource Center said the program is a convenient way for University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students to access condoms.

“I feel that the condom fairy is beneficial for those who are more comfortable getting things delivered to them,” Lizan said “Some people just may not want to have their faces seen getting condoms.”

Students can sign up for the condom fairy by messaging the UWSP Reproductive Health Peer Educator’s Facebook page.

Analese Grimm is a health advocate at UWSP and emphasized the importance of leading a healthy life.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

Photo by Emily Hoffmann.

“Having condoms available on campus is a wonderful, free resource that promotes safe sex and reduces the risk of potential pregnancies and STD transmission,” Grimm said. “If students have access to free condoms, they will be more likely to utilize them and therefore will lessen the chance of jeopardizing their health or potentially their education and career goals.”

Health Advocate Kimberly wants to ensure the well being of all students.

“As health advocates, it is our job to promote health and wellness across campus,” Arcand said. “We do this by approaching the student population with activities and promotional campaigns.”

Arcand believes providing condoms will help students take responsibility for their actions.

“I would suggest students take advantage of the condom fairy program because it’s here for you to do just that,” Arcand said. “Why risk catching something and suffering the consequences of a big decision like that when the condom fairy is willing to deliver free condoms to you regularly?”


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