Teamwork and Passion Drive Afterimages
Alyssa Casey and Catie Smiley, senior dance majors, rehearse "The Imperishable Afterlife of Cardington Manor" for Afterimages. Photo by Alyx Johnson.

Teamwork and Passion Drive Afterimages

This year’s Afterimages spotlights classic modern dance exploring motif and design, athletic contemporary jazz dance, minimalist post-modern dance and inventive dance theatre through nine original student works.

Afterimages is a semester-long process directed entirely by dance students, which Michael Estanich, the faculty adviser and mentor to Afterimages, has been a part of since he arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2006.

“Each year the student directing team refines the process and initiates new ideas,” Estanich said. “The choreographers find beautiful and unique ways to explore ideas. This group of students is innovative, thinking, creative and compassionate.”

Students involved with the project will perform Dec. 5 to 7 in Jenkins Theatre.

The poster for Afterimages 2014. Photo courtesy of the UWSP-Department of Theatre and Dance.

The poster for Afterimages 2014. Photo courtesy of the UWSP-Department of Theatre and Dance.

Students collaborated to organize the audition and casting process, manage their rehearsals, promote the event, design the program and work with other students to design lights and costumes, while creating and dancing in a variety of projects.

“It gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to produce an entire performance,” Estanich said. “I admire the commitment and drive the students have to present their best selves to the public.”

Elaine Mary Stone is a choreographer, performer and musician in this year’s performance. Stone said Afterimages has given her the chance to combine her passions of music and dance.

“I get to use all the skills and knowledge I have acquired in my previous training at the University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, and combine my two prime passions of music and dance to create a piece that is meaningful and unique to me,” Stone said.

Stone said collaborating with fellow student choreographers was important to her.

“I have been given the spectacular opportunity to share my work with a team and together combine our talents and experiences to create a wonderful work,” Stone said.

Estanich agreed Afterimages gives student-choreographers a special opportunity.

“They have the chance to share their work, practice their skills and show their passionate investment in dance,” Estanich said.

Alyssa Berube, the marketing and public relations intern for Afterimages, said the audience will be pleased with the high quality of the production.

“All the dancers and choreographers are passionate about their work and that translates into

an enjoyable viewing experience for the audience,” Berube said. “If the audience leaves the theatre with a new feeling, thought or curiosity than before they walked in, then we did something right.”

Ashlyn Cianciolo, an Afterimages directing team member, choreographer and dancer, said she is honored to participate in Afterimages as her last production as a senior student.

“I graduate in December, so this is my last production at UWSP,” Cianciolo said. “I’m excited to do it one last time. The honor of being able to share my work, both danced and choreographed, with an audience is so humbling, yet so exhilarating.”

All three students felt having Estanich and Joan Karlen, a dance program coordinator, to support their semester-long efforts was invaluable.

“Without their support, leadership and mentorship throughout the process, I would have been very lost in translation,” Stone said. “I think it’s really important to have them there for us and to help along the way.”

Estanich is excited for students to share their hard work with the public. “It’s a special time in the dance program,” Estanich said. “The students who train in dance bring a high level of focus, discipline, creativity and expression to their work and it is exciting to see all of their hard work fully realized.”


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