SGA Committees: Senate

Student Government Association Senate meetings are held Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. in the Dreyfus University Center Legacy room with Vice President Katie Cronmiller serving as chair.

Senate meetings are the largest and include all committee chairs, president, vice president, speaker of the senate, chief of staff, senators, and a rotation of campus administrators and students who give reports on different campus happenings.

Currently senate has been doing a lot of approvals of new student organizations, such as the Trumpet Club and Trap-Shooting Club,”Cronmiller said. We have also had a lot of student approvals to allow students to be involved, voting members of our standing committees.”

Senate is the final destination of all items that have been brought to other standing committees.

Overall, senates role is to be the final body that considers the segregated fee budget, policies, new legislation or programs approved by SGA,”Cronmiller said. “Most of this work is started in one of the standing committees and then comes to senate for final consideration.”

Meetings are open to all students and there is seating for those who wish to attend.

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