Segregated Fees Supplying More Than You Think

Segregated Fees Supplying More Than You Think

Clubs and organizations submitted proposals for the upcoming fiscal year to the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee before Dec. 8.

“The State of Wisconsin is the only institution that allows students to assess other students’ segregated fees,” said Charlie Greiber, the Student Government Association Budget Director.

Proposals come from university departments as well as clubs and organizations. Clubs range from a few students to a hundred. The professional departments submitted proposals early in the semester and are granted 20 minutes with the committee to explain where they got their numbers and answer questions.

“We ask students requesting budget quite a few questions about their reasoning,” Greiber said. “When departments request a certain amount of money, we do ask them questions, but trust in their professional opinion.”

Each organization is required to fill out a standard template explaining what its budget plan is and why each fee is necessary. The proposal must be approved first by the committee, then the chancellor and the state.

Treasurer Jacob Burdick created the Yoga and Meditation Club’s first ever budget proposal this year.

“All of our officers are excited about yoga and meditation practices and believe in its benefit for our students,” Burdick said. “We will focus on how the club can help students and even the community.”

Burdick explained the stress of creating a proposal is eased by teamwork he and his co-officers possessed during the brainstorming process.

“We plan on meeting as a group before we give our presentation to plan out how we will present our proposal,” Burdick said. “Our co-advisor Dr. Clancy has been very helpful with advice on setting up our budget and has given us great suggestions for events we can host.”

Greiber said when students look at their bill and see the segregated fees section they think it is money the university is taking from them.

“All of the fun activities offered on campus are supplied through segregated fees,” Greiber said. “Segregated fees go toward everything from hypnotist shows to the free bus fare available to students when they show their school ID.”

Each organization will be informed of their budget for the next fiscal year between the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February.


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