SGA Committees: Segragated University Fee Allocation Committee
Charlie Greiber

SGA Committees: Segragated University Fee Allocation Committee

The Segragated University Fee Allocation Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday in DUC 223 with budget director Charlie Greiber serving as chair.

“When you look at your student bill at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters you will see ‘segregated fees’ and the way that that fee is determined is by our committee,” Greiber said. “Every year in fall and early spring we accept request from departments and various organizations for money for next year. After we add up all requests, we divide by number of projected students and we bill accordingly.”

SUFAC is where students and faculty go when they want to ask for money for their organizations or their department. Greiber also holds meetings outside of SUFAC.

“Outside of our meetings is when the real work happens. It’s coordinating with departments to make sure they understand what the limitations are and how much money they can ask for,” Greiber said. “I answer emails from student organizations every day and we are basically just facilitating a miniature business office.”

There are two weekends every year, one in fall and one in spring, where students and faculty present their desired budgets to SUFAC. The student organizations meet the first or second weekend of the spring semester and non-academic departments meet the first or second week of November.

“We have one weekend in fall where we work specifically with the non-academic departments that we help subsidize,” Greiber said. “We do all presentations by all department managers in the morning and then we go through all the requests, review them, make changes as we see fit and then ultimately approve them.”

The planning for these weekends begin months in advance as they need to factor in how much meeting time they will need, which limits the spaces they can book, and sending out blank request templates.

There are 12 available spots on SUFAC but currently only 10 members. Those members are four senators from Student Government Association, one member from each college that is not involved with SGA, the vice president of SGA, health services and university centers student directors, and the chair.

“As chair, when we have our meetings I am the person that welcomes in our guest. We usually have a guest speaker at all of our meetings requesting things from us, Greiber said. “I control what part in the speaking list we are, who can ask questions, make sure we follow parliamentary procedures, record the vote, and decide how we’re going to vote. Its the decision of the chair to decide what style of vote we take.”

Contact Charlie Greiber at with any questions regarding your organizations or department’s budgets.


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