SGA Committees: Student Life & Academic Affairs Committee
Tyler Forsy

SGA Committees: Student Life & Academic Affairs Committee

The Student Life & Academic Affairs Committee meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday in DUC 54, with Tyler Forsythe serving as chair.

The committee used to be two separate committees but was turned into one.

“This is one of the largest committees and is kind of an umbrella committee,” Forsythe said. “As chair, I’m the grease in the machine. I make sure everything runs properly, get people excited about ideas, and find out what people care about. Not only within the committee, but all around campus.”

The academic affairs aspect works with things like advising, class scheduling and the attendance policy.

“The biggest thing we’re working on right now is the attendance policy. We took the attendance policy and decided it needed changes so we revised it. The next kink in the process is that it goes to faculty senate,” Forsythe said. “We basically gave them a plan saying, ‘here’s a dollar, I’d like a Ferrari.’ It was far-fetched but we wanted to push it and see. They made comments and sent it back to us.”

The student life aspect works with campus safety with topics like mopeds on sidewalks and getting bike lines on campus.

“The bike lanes to me are a huge deal. It’s just a discussion that has been started and we’re still marketing to see if the student body is behind it,” Forsythe said.

Questions about student life or academic affairs should be directed to Tyler Forsythe at


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