App Allows Users to Enter ‘Drunk Mode’ Without Worry

University of Virginia alumnus Joshua Anton created the free app Drunk Mode in April 2013, as he knows alcohol and driving do not mix. According to USA Today, Anton’s app is projected to surpass 100,000 downloads. It has been fairly successful since launching less than two years ago.

Anton’s app prevents users from drunk dialing by enabling them to block certain contacts for up to 12 hours. Drunk Mode also allows users to review and recover Snapchats before sending.

Perhaps the most useful and controversial parts of the app are the “Find My Drunk” and “Breadcrumbs” components that are used to track location and user destination arrival time.

“It takes away the sense of accountability for yourself and making sure that you don’t put yourself in a situation like that in the first place,” said freshman Dylan Hartwig.

Photo courtesy of Drunk Mode.

Photo courtesy of Drunk Mode.

Other students have concerns about privacy violations some features of this app allow. Freshman Drake Schroeder downloaded the app to test these features.

“I’m not sure that I like that it tracks all pictures sent to and from your phone in the period of time the app is on,” Schroeder said. “I feel as though that could be a huge privacy issue for those who send you Snapchats while they are drunk, because the person who receives them can review them later on.”

This feature is only accessible on Android phones.

Freshman like Zak Marten and Schroeder sometimes take the role of designated driver for older friends. The “Find My Drunk” component is designed to help those not drinking locate their friends, keep track of them, or pick them up when they need a safe ride home.

“I volunteer myself to be a designated driver,” Marten said. “Sometimes those people don’t always stay where I left them. It would be great to be able to use the app to know where they are when I need to find them. This is just another measure in trying to keep people safe.”

Overall, students seem interested in learning more about this app and the positive and negative aspects of being able to put their cell phones into Drunk Mode.


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