‘Beyond the Hive’ Videos Motivate Student Reflection
Karli Norton, Dylan Shanahan and Sam Herrick gather around photos of bees in the Carlsten Art Gallery. Photo by Jade Arnold.

‘Beyond the Hive’ Videos Motivate Student Reflection

Students in Communication 323, taught by Professor Liz Fakazis, came together with students in Professor Alex Ingersoll’s Communication 356 class to create video projects about bees.

Photo by Jade Arnold.

Photo by Jade Arnold.

These students spent the semester learning about bees and Colony Collapse Disorder, a serious problem threatening the health of honeybees across the world. Dec. 5, students creatively displayed their knowledge of bees in a video hosted by the Carlsten Gallery. Their videos were one of many activities a part of “Beyond the Hive” series.

This series was meant to inform students and the community about bees. Joshua Philon, a senior communication major, created a comedy for the class.

“We basically did a TV segment show,” Philon said. “It’s funny while being informative. Most of the time when information about bees is being given, it’s more of a serious and sentimental approach, but with the world we live in now we should try all different aspects to reach out and give people information.”

Philon felt learning about bees was a reality check.

“I think with this class I have been able to take away how to analyze certain aspects of the world, especially with bees,” Philon said. “I learned a lot about Colony Collapse Disorder and how it’s killing bees all over the world.”

Karli Norton, a senior communication major, focused her project on the life of the queen bee.

“What I want people to get out of the whole project is the importance about it and that we need to know about the bees,” Norton said. “If we lose this one little insect, we are done. We really are and I hope people get out how serious it is out of this.”

Samantha Herrick, a fellow collaborator, said her group used more artistic style.

Students, staff, faculty and community members gather to watch video projects for "Beyond the Hive." Photo by Jade Arnold.

Students, staff, faculty and community members gather to watch video projects for “Beyond the Hive.” Photo by Jade Arnold.

“We created a dance with a voice-over,” Herrick said. “It was a lot of freedom and we were all able to do something that we are passionate about.”

Herrick said this course helped her understand honeybees better and their effect on the natural world.

“Without honeybees, we lose about one third of our food supply,” Herrick said. “Anything that needs any kind of pollination, we would be without. We really need them to continue living the way that we want.”


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