GSA Offers Definition of Transmisogyny
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GSA Offers Definition of Transmisogyny

Many people are familiar with misogyny, the dislike of women, but the public may not be as familiar with transmisogyny.

Programming coordinator for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Ethan Cates and treasurer for GSA Hannah Williams discussed what transmisogyny is.

“Basically, it is the idea that trans individuals are less than cis, people who identify with the sex they were born with, individuals because they present themselves differently,” Williams said.

Cates said that trans individuals are sometimes viewed in a negative way.

“People perceive them as less of a human therefore they deserve less respect,” Cates said.

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Cates talked about one problem trans females deal with.

“A common response is ‘If you don’t get your period, you are not a real woman’,” Cates said.

Williams said another misconception is people think being trans is synonymous with being gay. Williams said there could be a trans male who likes females and he is not gay.

However, both agreed younger generations are becoming more receptive to the concept of multiple genders as opposed to just male and female.

“Transgender and sexual people are becoming better understood,” Cates said. “When a parent has a child who feels like they do not conform to the gender norms, the parents are more open about it.”

Williams said there is often backlash from older generations because they are not as familiar with trans individuals, but Cates added they cannot speak for everyone in an older generation because some of them are open-minded.


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