Students Begin Final Countdown
Photo by Carly Caputa.

Students Begin Final Countdown

All students have one thing in common. Finals week.

Each student prepares for finals differently and each has a story of overcoming a hard class or long paper.

Photo by Carly Caputa.

Photo by Carly Caputa.

Senior English education students Sheng Yang, Anders Saulic and Jessica Littlejohn enjoy working in the library on their Course Unit Lesson Plan Activity, or CULPA, for their block two English course.

Saulic said this activity includes designing a 300 page semester-long lesson plan.

“The CULPA is unimaginably big,” Yang said.

All three graduate in May, but their senior year finals are more difficult than in years past.

“I used to think finals were a big deal,” Littlejohn said. “Then came senior year and they are finals times 100.”

Opposed to the quiet library, some study in Zest Coffee House.

“You can enjoy some Christmas music and pound out the work,” Senior Lexi Collicott said.

Senior Andrea Wenstadt enjoys studying at Zest because there are too many things to distract her at her apartment. While at Zest, she has nothing to do but sit and work. Wenstadt also enjoys getting out of her apartment for a change of scenery.

John Schmidt, a junior nursing and German student, also studies in Zest because he enjoys the laid back atmosphere.

“I have quite a number of essays and papers,” Schmidt said. “There are 13 of them and half of them are in German.”

There is no shortage of coffee houses in this college town, and some students prefer to study in the bustling Starbucks compared to the laid back Zest.

Photo by Carly Caputa.

Photo by Carly Caputa.

Sophomore theater student Joel Roberts usually spends his time in the Noel Fine Arts Center but decided to study in Starbucks.

“I love the building, but coming here is a good change of location,” Roberts said.

Roberts said many people prefer to study in solitude, but he enjoys being around people.

“Since other people are around, there are not as many distractions as if you were at home,” Roberts said. “Everyone is in the same place and needs to get their thing done.”



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