Farewell to the Fall Semester

At the beginning of the semester I wrote my first editorial about being nervous about classes, leading staff meetings, and publishing a new issue of The Pointer each week.

And now, as the fall semester ends and we are all busily preparing for finals, we present our last issue until the spring semester. I have to say that I am much less nervous.

We’ve learned more about journalism and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point than we thought we would. We covered big events like the UW System Board of Regents visit and expanded our paper to 16 pages. Our Pointlife editor now even understands sports lingo, and our sports editor has learned to write headlines other than “Sports Recap.”

While we are thankful for ad revenue, our designers have reluctantly sacrificed precious color space for full-page ads and have made a serious effort to incorporate wildlife into every issue.

Through the weekly SGA column, we learned that even we regular students are a part of SGA.

I look forward to working with our staff next semester to create even greater issues.

Grace Ebert




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