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Hello and welcome to the 2015 spring semester.

Unfortunately, I am not there to serve as managing editor in house this semester, but the more exciting news is that I serve as managing editor abroad.

I’m currently participating in the London internships program and will be back in Point just in time for graduation in May.

Each week I will report back across the pond about my adventures in the big, beautiful city that is London and hopefully give those who are interested in participating in one of these programs more incentive.

I have been in England nearly a month now, but only in London since Jan. 4, since we started the program with a tour of Southern England.

The Salisbury Cathedral. Photo by Carly Keen.

The Salisbury Cathedral. Photo by Carly Keen.

One of the most breathtaking parts of the tour was visiting Salisbury Cathedral. Legend says the Bishop of Old Sarum shot an arrow in the direction he would build the cathedral, and that arrow hit a deer. It died in the place where Salisbury stands today.

Salisbury Cathedral holds three records: the tallest spire, 123 metres, the largest cloister, and the largest close in Britain, 80 acres. It also boasts the worlds oldest working clock, 1386 A.D., and the best surviving copy of the Magna Carta. Amazingly, this cathedral was built in only 38 years and is a beautiful example of pure, early English Gothic architecture.

Salisbury Cathedral honestly left me speechless from entry to exit. I was in awe of its majesty and beauty and nearly teared up walking through. The old regiment flags were probably my favorite. I loved seeing time’s wear and tear on the flags because it showed that they have a story. Maybe it’s because I’m a history buff, but seeing evidence in the flesh, or in this case fabric, that these events really truly happened was magical to me.

When we officially made it to London, it did not take very long for me to be like every other Londoner with somewhere to go and too many slow people walking in front of me in tube stations. Though I am enjoying the life I have found here, I do miss walking at a leisurely pace.

It has been a busy month, and I cannot wait to start sharing my experiences with you all.



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