Matthew Jedlicka Freed by Photography

Matthew Jedlicka’s semester resolution is to start a photography website, specializing in fashion photography and head shots that are stylistic and beautiful.

Jedlicka began Jedlicka Design on Facebook and said he received positive feedback about his ventures. He noticed a lot of traffic on his Facebook page and that encouraged him to continue developing photos.

Photo by Matthew Jedlicka.

Photo by Matthew Jedlicka.

His friends support him a lot but unfamiliar faces have also stumbled upon his craft.

“I’ve been working with my friends so far, so people have been really responsive to the material,” Jedlicka said. “I hope that continues, even if the faces are foreign to them.”

In addition to a growing audience, Jedlicka’s photography has personally impacted him. He said photography possesses a freeing quality.

“It allows me to create a world with the one I’ve been given,” Jedlicka said.

In addition to opening his mind, photography sharpened Jedlicka’s senses.

“It also opens up my eyes and mind to the world around me because I’m forced to pay attention,” Jedlicka said. “Things you never think could be significant are suddenly very important. It’s kind of making me a hoarder.”

Jedlicka’s photography can be viewed at Jedlicka Design on Facebook.


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