Robert Goszkowicz Creates UWSP’s First a Capella Group

Junior Robert Goszkowicz has gone above and beyond with his semester resolution by forming a male a cappella group on campus with his brother, freshman Ryan Goszkowicz.

Students inspired Robert to create the group when they expressed interest in a cappella.

Robert has experience with a cappella because he teaches a fundamentals of a cappella course at the the Playhouse Theater Group to 8 to 10 year-old children.

From his experience, he foresees some future challenges.

“When teaching children, the hardest part is being able to know what each child is capable of,” Robert said. “When transitioning to collegiate a cappella, I anticipate, once again, the challenge will be figuring out what everyone can do at first.”

He wants to create an atmosphere where each member can share past experiences to enhance the group.

“Our motto is collaboration,” he said. “One could try to teach a cappella, but it is about taking people’s different experiences and creating a single group out of it.”

Robert looks to other colleges as a model for his group.

“I would love to see a female a cappella group on campus,” he said. “And perhaps a third co-ed group as well. It would be nice to have some joint concerts.”

Robert said the a cappella group is transitioning to a recognized student organization and plans to conduct auditions one week after the group becomes official.


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