New myPoint Feature Proves Useful
The new "shop for your DPR" feature. Photo courtesy of

New myPoint Feature Proves Useful

 The Office of the Registrar rolled out a new option on myPoint that allows every currently enrolled student to “shop” for a degree progress report, generating a view of what course requirements would exist for a different major and/or minor.

This report allows students to see how their current and previous coursework aligns with their desired transition. It can also be a technique to see how much longer additional majors or minors would take to complete. However, only one major and one minor can be ran at a time.

The report runs with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s current requirements, the General Education Program and all updated major and minor requirements.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

This feature makes no permanent change to students’ chosen program or academic record. It is simply a “what if” tool. Students will still need to consult an academic department to make any official changes. The registrar recommends that students consult their adviser when making final decisions regarding switching or adding majors and minors.

The DPR shop report had previously been available only to advisers and office staff.

“We had talked about it for a while, but there was actually a request from SGA to open it up, so that kind of pushed it a little higher up on the priority list,” said Anne Eckenrod, the business automation specialist in the registrar.

SGA President Chris Slattery said he personally wanted to see what switching majors would be like and wondered why the feature was unavailable to students.

“Advisors are willing to help, but their schedules are packed with other responsibilities as well,” Slattery said.

He said all it took was a walk over to the registrar and a conversation to get the ball rolling.

A trial run of the feature was done winter break by students under the GEP enrolled in a winterim course. Eckenrod said it went very well.

“We received a lot of positive feedback from students saying they loved it,” Eckenrod said. “Students with double majors have to run two, so that’s kind of a pain, but that’s just a bug.”

She said the registrar strives to give students access to as much information as possible.

“Sometimes majors and minors are really closely related, so adding another one might not increase your credit load too much,” Eckenrod said. “It’s good for students to have that flexibility. With this feature, they can play around with it and see.”

She said if students have any issues reading their DPR, they can either ask their advisor or contact the registrar.


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