The Buzz Hits Campus
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The Buzz Hits Campus

With full-time class schedules, part-time jobs and extracurricular activities, students may have trouble finding time to keep up with news.

The new smartphone app, The Buzz, is specifically designed for these busy college students.

“I had classes where I had to constantly reference the USA Today paper, and I hated having to go out my way to pick it up, so now I have it on my phone,” said Maddie Marshall, the communications and public relations director of the Student Government Association. “The app suits the way students absorb news and media in general.”

The Buzz was created through USA Today’s Collegiate Readership Program, which gives students from over 350 different campuses access to national news. This program allows students to pick up The New York Times, USA Today, and the Stevens Point Journal free of charge.

“We work closely with USA Today to incorporate Pointer content into their news feed,” Marshall said.

Now available for free on iPhones and Androids, the app allows students to scroll through recent stories from both The Pointer and USA Today. News, campus life, sports, tech and study abroad are all topics covered in the news feed.

“This app allows us to link a bunch of different things on campus in one easy place,” Marshall said. “Our generation is such a media focused culture, so this allows students to have access to local campus news without even leaving their residence hall or home.”

Every six or seven articles are links that bring readers to pages on local topics. Currently, there are links to the Bring A Buddy campaign and SGA updates on budget issues.

“I think The Buzz sounds pretty cool, the USA Today not so much, but I’d like to have that type of access to The Pointer,” said junior Andrew Sprutta. “I think it’s a good way to get information out there to the student body.”

Some students are intrigued by the notion of local campus news at their fingertips, while others are still skeptical.

“I don’t think I’d really use it because I get most of my news and information from Tumblr and podcasts,” said Amanda Guth, an art major.

Marshall explained SGA’s current motive is to communicate with students so they stay informed about national and local issues.


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