Bringing Life Back to the Sundial
The current sundial. Photo by Allison Birr.

Bringing Life Back to the Sundial

Over the past few years, students have been noticing the slow deterioration of the sundial. Two Stevens Point locals took it upon themselves to think up and create a design plan to bring beauty back to the heart of campus.

The artist C.J. Watkins, also known as Jean Watkins, has known Bruce Glodowski for years. When he came to her in 2013 to put his ideas for the sundial on paper, she did not hesitate to help him.

“We went to the third floor of the library and began to talk about things that would make the space more student-friendly,” Watkins said. “I gave him feedback on potential concerns I had, but overall I tried to simply put as many of his ideas as possible into my sketch.”

The two created a design plan consisting of a gazebo in the center of the sundial. Surrounding the gazebo there would be strips of grass and berm, or small, soft hills.

“The gazebo has an open concept so that you can see through to the beautiful mosaic and everything around it,” Glodowski said. “We have benches and bike racks surrounding the gazebo so that people can come out and eat their lunch or study between classes.”

Glodowski hopes this would be a place for students to gather, enjoy the outdoors and host campus-wide events.

“The emphasis in my mind is to have a destination for students to gather rather than just an area to pass through,” Glodowski said. “This would bring life to the courtyard and make it functional for many venues, speakers, political candidates, recitals and weddings.”

On top of the gazebo would be a replica of the university cupola. Glodowski said he would like there to be solar panels on the gazebo so that a small light would illuminate the cupola at night and become a focal point for the space.

“I think SGA could have their footprint all over this,” Glodowski said. “I know they’re always looking for projects to save energy, and this design plan is full of those types of projects.”

The plan also includes light posts draped with purple and gold sashes serving to illuminate the entire space during night events.

“I really like the idea of having grass and plant life out there,” said Chris Kanugh, a forest management major. “The gazebo would be a nice multi-use space for students to use as well.”

Glodowski imagines a small, digital sign on the south wall of the Noel Fine Arts Center where announcements for concerts, presentations or other campus activities could be posted. He hopes that when the space is not being used, there would be speakers in the gazebo softly playing music throughout the day.

“I love the rolling hills, and the idea of music always playing from the gazebo,” said Kassidy ODonnell, a forest recreation major. “I think this would really bring the student body together.”

Glodowski hopes by spreading the word of his and Watkins’ design, people will be inspired to donate to the cause and bring life to the sundial once again.


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