‘Live in San Francisco’ Album Review
'Live in San Francisco' album cover. Photo courtesy of soundcolourvibration.com

‘Live in San Francisco’ Album Review

For starters, Ty Segall is pronounced “Tie Seagull,” like you’re capturing a bird by the ocean, and his latest album is a set of ten songs performed by The Ty Segall Band over the course of two nights at the Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco, California. He has already released several albums since the recording.

Ty Segall is a creative machine. In the past year, he released several albums from his own self-titled outfit, performed drums, recorded and collaborated with a number of other bands including FUZZ, White Fence, Sic Alps, King Tuff, and Meatbodies. Not to mention, he is showing no sign of slowing down.

If you are into clean, poppy or happy-go-lucky music, you may as well quit reading here. “Live in San Francisco” was recorded straight to a Tascam 388 reel-to-reel mixer and is as raw as a cold hotdog. It’s loud, abrasive, unabashed and could likely wake the dead. Ty Segall and fellow guitarist, Charlie Mootheart are often seamlessly soloing on top of one another. They’re not trying to outdo one another, rather they’re paying homage to the Stooges-meets-Sabbath signature sound that they’ve been perfecting for almost a decade.

Mikal Cronin, an established singer/songwriter in his own right, plays bass and occasionally tours with The Ty Segall Band. His presence is duly noted on the album. He provides backing vocals which add an extra dimension to Segall’s nasal vocal delivery.

“Live In San Francisco” has everything one could expect on a live album, little flubs here and there, an unbalanced mix for a portion of the record, as well as some rowdy crowd banter. Segall even invites a crowd member up on stage to tell the audience a joke after the band’s performance of the song “Feel”, which was the first single off of their studio album “Manipulator.”

It’s unique to find bands willing to put out live albums in this day and age when so many artists are keen on hiding behind pristine auto-tuned façades. Sometimes you just need the real thing and The Ty Segall Band delivers.

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