‘Live on Reserve’ Creates Educational Opportunity
"Live on Reserve" is a new program through the UWSP's Division of Communication. Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

‘Live on Reserve’ Creates Educational Opportunity

Volunteers and employees from 90Fm and SPTV recently established “Live on Reserve” was established this school year to solidify production as an important learning opportunity for students.

“Live on Reserve” is produced through the Division of Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Spearheaded by Chris Shofner, an assistant professor of communication,  “Live on Reserve” is recorded and filmed  in Communication Arts Center 112.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

“Our purpose is to bring awareness to local, regional and statewide bands, and also provide an opportunity for students to work on a larger production that includes skills that are not currently part of our curriculum,” Shofner said.

Dylan Shanahan, the station manager for 90FM, relayed the division’s need to contemporize its creative forces. Shanahan emphasized the importance of the division allowing SPTV to distribute “Live on Reserve” on its  YouTube channel and on Charter channel 983.

“The now is coming,” Shanahan said. “We need to get with the times. I think this is exactly what SPTV needs: a wider variety of content to broadcast and put on the internet.”

Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

To date, “Live on Reserve” has produced two segments, both with local Wisconsin bands. One production featured The Hi-Matics and the other, Soul Low. The “Live on Reserve” crew aims to work with two to three bands per semester.“I think it’s an excellent learning experience,” Shofner said. “The ability to work in that hands-on environment is a unique experience to get as a student. I think that being able to get involved in a real production as something that’s extracurricular is a great resource for students.”

Shanahan echoed this idea, explaining he had a great experience working on the set of both groups last semester.

“The experience we gained from it was awesome,” Shanahan said. “It was great to be a part of and have my name on something like that. It’s something I can show people and say ‘I had a hand in producing this.’”

Moving forward, the producers and supporters of “Live on Reserve” plan to improve the quality of content and uphold the project’s momentum.

“I hope it continues to go strong. I hope it helps the musicians and the organizations here, and hopefully it sends us into the 21st century,” Shanahan said.


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