‘In The Shower’ Album Review

‘In The Shower’ Album Review

Coming straight from the smoky streets of Montreal, Homeshake is the once side-project, now full-time musical endeavor of Mac Demarco’s ex-touring guitarist Peter Sagar. “In The Shower” is Sagar’s first full-length LP released under the pseudonym Homeshake, featuring jangly guitars, crackly vocals and bass lines so funky even your 80-year-old grandmother with osteoporosis can’t help but wiggle along.

Although “In The Shower” might not pull punches or break new ground, the album does seduce you with the sensual sounds of years gone by, and boy oh boy, does it get weird.

The album’s first track “She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight” opens with an oddly archaic audio sample from a ‘60s Archie cartoon, the first of many strange samples on the album. The song quickly breaks into the slow-jam feeling that only someone who has played with Mac Demarco could produce.

Sagar’s vocals and lyrics resemble what you would expect to find in the personal journal of a 14-year-old; sappy songs about cute girls and references to anime, all in a voice that is patiently waiting to hit puberty.

Within the song “Chowder,” Sagar light-heartedly refers to a woman who he’s in love with as “his chowder,” saying he “loves her so much.” This comparison of one’s lover to a delicious seafood-based soup is a direct reflection of the bizarre, self-aware humor that seeps throughout the album.

Other than the strange lyrical concepts Sagar glosses over, the guitar and bass work are the heart of “In The Shower”’s old-timey magic. The driving bass lines on songs like “Michael” and the jangly wave of the guitars on “Making A Fool Of You”, allows listeners to know that even though Sagar’s voice might sound like a pre-pubescent teenager, his instrumentation is that of an incredibly talented and multi-instrumental seasoned musician.

If you ever want to slip off your shoes, sip a cold one and feel slightly uncomfortable, Homeshake’s “In The Shower” is right up your alley; especially if that alley happens to smell like old people and hand lotion.


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