Quit-N-Time Embodies Friday Night Relaxation
Singer-songwriter Hannah Westerholm showed off her talents at Quit-N-Time last Friday night. Photo by Allison Birr.

Quit-N-Time Embodies Friday Night Relaxation

For seven weeks, the Brewhaus will feature the Quit-N-Time live music series every Friday from 4-6 p.m. to provide students with a relaxing end to their busy week.

Quit-N-Time features an array of music styles to allow students with varying tastes to appreciate the event. The series began on Jan. 23.

“It’s very chill and fun,” said Anna Schuttenhelm, the Brewhaus’ events and promotions coordinator. “It’s a good way to welcome people here, and it’s also displaying local artists.”

Schuttenhelm hopes the event will bring new faces into the Brewhaus.

“Our goal when we put on these events is to create a welcoming environment for students of all different interests,” Schuttenhelm said. “People can come in here for the music. They can come to meet friends, to play games or they can come for the free snacks and the deals. People come here for many reasons, and this is all one welcoming place for them.”

Last week’s performance featured singer-songwriter Hannah Westerholm.

“She’s a good performer,” said senior Adam Stresins. “She really knows how to interact with the audience.”

Westerholm writes her own lyrics and plays piano.

“Describing my style is really hard because I push myself to try different genres and different ways of writing,” Westerholm said. “A lot of people compare me to Florence and the Machine or Sara Bareilles.”

Joey Bonner, a fellow Quit-N-Time performer, was glad to see a fresh face entering the Stevens Point music scene.

“I think she’s going to do really well here musically,” Bonner said. “She’ll fit in really well with the music scene here. I hope she keeps it going.”

The Quit-N-Time music series ends with Bonner’s performance on March 6.


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