Students Work Toward Senior Exhibition
Samples of Craig Schumacher's work. Photo by Craig Schumacher.

Students Work Toward Senior Exhibition

Seniors art majors with a 2D or 3D emphasis began preparation for the annual senior exhibition.

Hannah Herkert, art major with a 2D emphasis, plans to display work in the exhibition from April 23-29 at the Noel Fine Arts Center Carlsten Gallery.

Herkert wants to have twelve narrative prints displayed.

“It’s not a set assignment,”Herket said. “It’s like a taste of what artists do.”

Herket’s art does not have a guaranteed spot in the exhibition. Her work must be approved by a committee of three art professors.

“Preparing for it has helped me learn to make art on my own,” Herket said. “A large part of the process is making your own schedule and figuring out what pieces you are going to work on.”

Photo by Craig Schumacher.

Photo by Craig Schumacher.

Herkert tells stories through her work and is influenced by Disney animations.

Craig Schumacher, art major with a 2D emphasis, will also present his work.

“Basically you make as much work as humanly possible,” Schumacher said. “I’ll probably spend a solid 12-14 hours on one piece, and I plan to make anywhere from 8-10 pieces.”

If accepted, Schumacher’s work will be shown at the gallery from May 3-10.

“My pieces focus on the human figure after an intense life digression and how it affects one’s emotional state and body,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher said his professors have gave him creative freedom and challenged him intellectually.

“Arts are so undervalued,” Schumacher said. “I learn more in my art classes about making good life decisions than the vast majority of my other classes.”

Diane Bywaters, art professor, teaches painting and life drawing classes at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Both Herkert and Schumacher have been students in Bywaters’ classes.

Bywaters said the exhibition gives students a professional opportunity to display work.

“Students walk away with portfolios when they graduate, and they’ll be able to compete with other artists,” Bywaters said.


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