Krista Loos: Second Generation Pointer Athlete
Photo by Jack McLaughlin.

Krista Loos: Second Generation Pointer Athlete

Krista Loos, sophomore outside hitter for women’s volleyball, decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point when her parents, both former Pointer athletes and alumni, took her on an informal campus tour.

“They kept bothering me to check it out so finally I agree, and I really liked it. It was the only college I visited,” Krista  said.

Her parents, Sheri and Breck Loos, showed Krista around campus highlighting some favorite places. Krista toured the Health Enhancement Center from Stacey White, the head volleyball coach at the time.

Sheri and Breck both studied natural resources at UWSP and met in chemistry class.

“He would make comments by my name on the attendance sheet that got passed around in lecture,” Sheri said.

Breck was a football player and Sheri played volleyball. They would occasionally cross paths in the training room.

Their relationship progressed and they were married their last semester at UWSP.

The two never imagined they’d have a child attend UWSP as well.

“We suggested Wisconsin, but she didn’t seem too excited about going somewhere that we went,” Sheri said.

Krista loved the campus. She said it was a perfect fit, just the right size and a volleyball team she could join.

“We are actually very excited and happy that she’s happy and also shocked that one of our kids actually went to the same school that we did,” Sheri said.

Sheri and Krista play almost the same position on the volleyball court.

Sheri was also an outside hitter, although that was not her formal title because positions were not as specialized.

“It’s very awesome to watch Krista play in Berg Gym,” Sheri said. ” It’s hard to believe that I played there. It seems like millions of years ago.”

UWSP volleyball players wear UWSP apparel to practice, and Krista wears some of Sheri’s old clothes.

“When I came here I obviously didn’t have any apparel so my mom scrounged some up,” Krista said. “I have her old jersey and an old camp T-shirt.”

Head coach Abbey Sutherland considers Krista to be an asset to the team and is happy she made the decision to come to Point.

“She’s very focused and in the zone even in practice, which is not always something you see in athletes,” Sutherland said. “She’s really passionate.”

Krista has been competing since fifth grade. Her older sisters played which encouraged her to do the same.

This season Krista struggled to stay healthy, but Sutherland said Krista’s time on the bench helped her become a smarter player.

“The sky is the limit for her,” Sutherland said. “She has experience at national, and we want her on the court all the time. She’s a difference maker.”

Both Sutherland and Krista are excited to see what will happen with Krista’s remaining time at UWSP.

Sutherland enjoys knowing Krista off the court as well.

“It’s been fun getting to know her. You can tell she grew up under a fantastic family,” Sutherland said.


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