Protective Services Report: 3/5/15

Sunday, February 22nd: A suspect was found with an open intoxicant on Isadore Street.

Monday, February 23rd: A custodian called for help when he became stuck inside the science building’s loading dock elevator. It made a noise and stopped working.

Monday, February 23rd: City police called to report a suspicious van, gray with maroon trim, driving slowly around campus. The owner of the vehicle has two active warrants. PS informed parking services.

Monday, February 23rd: City Communication Center informed PS  that there was a man in CPS 110 who was passed out, bleeding and pale in color. Ambulances responded.

Monday, February 23rd: Female called stating someone had tampered with and left her tire flat. She requested that someone look at it.

Tuesday, February 24th: PS heard the city request an ambulance for a male having a seizure on the third floor of Neale.

Tuesday, February 24th: Male called requesting officers to be sent to the scene of a traffic accident between Fremont and Main Street. Both parties had pulled into Lot W.

Tuesday, February 24th: Female called requesting officers to be sent to Lot F because the car next to her door-dinged her vehicle.

Tuesday, February 24th: Someone from the NFAC called to report damage to art and an injury.

Wednesday, February 25th: A professor from the CCC called to notify PS that a female student was crying in the second floor bathroom. She needed help getting to the hospital. The professor did not have any other information about the student’s condition or welfare.

Wednesday, February 25th: Disability services staff member called to state a student had expressed concern to him about a male carrying two duffle bags, wearing a ski mask and leaving the TNR around noon. PS received the call at 12:40 p.m.

Wednesday, February 25th: Student called to report a male walking with his girlfriend. They appeared to be headed for Hyer.

Wednesday, February 25th: Smith staff member called to complain about a resident who is loud and disrespectful. The student was warned once before.

Thursday, February 26th: Former student called and stated her bicycle had gone missing. She graduated in December and left it at UWSP during winterim since she had plans to return in the spring. It is a yellow Schwinn vintage women’s bike.

Friday, February 27th: Student called about her car being struck by a campus vehicle. She said there was only minor damage.

Saturday, February 28th: Smith resident called to report a loud noise that woke him up.  He thought it could have been gunshots. He believed the noise came from above him.



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