DUC Introduces The Red Vest to Campus Dining Options
Photo by Allison Birr.

DUC Introduces The Red Vest to Campus Dining Options

The Red Vest, located in the Dreyfus University Center’s food court, offers students an opportunity to have the first sit-down restaurant experience on campus.

In fall 2014, what is now known as The Red Vest debuted at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and is open to students on weekday evenings. Creating a sit-down restaurant at the university was a student idea.

Becky Konkol, retail dining manager, manages the DUC food court, Homegrown Cafe and Food for Thought Cafe.

“Because it was a student idea, I felt that it was really important to promote that,” Konkol said.

According to Konkol, the restaurant was named after Lee Sherman Dreyfus, a former chancellor at UWSP, who wore a signature red vest around campus.

Konkol emphasized the importance of incorporating student opinion into the restaurant, especially when deciding the weekly specials.

The Red Vest has that restaurant feel while still allowing students to use swipes. Photo by Allison Birr.

The Red Vest has that restaurant feel while still allowing students to use swipes. Photo by Allison Birr.

Felisha Maurer, a sophomore majoring in Spanish and early childhood education, is the customer service manager at The Red Vest.

“When I worked at Upper Debot, it really did not suit me because it is not very personal,” Maurer said. “When you work at The Red Vest, there is a smaller amount of people that work there, everybody knows everybody and I feel welcomed and excited to come to work.”

Maurer enjoys the menu’s different food options. Her favorite is The Red Vest Burger, the restaurant’s signature burger.

Jany Kong, a senior majoring in international studies, is the student operation manager at the DUC. Kong said The Red Vest allows students to eat affordable entrees in a restaurant setting.

“We are trying to make it a little fancier than usual, so that people don’t have to go off campus to use their money,” Kong said. “They can still be treated like they are at a restaurant, but they can still use swipes.”


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