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Since I am over halfway done with my semester abroad, I can say with sincerity it will be hard for me to leave this country and my internship.

I work for Verge Magazine which has a small handful of paid staff with most content coming from contributors, who come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some are overseas expats like me and some are university students from London. I work with Editor-in-Chief Emma Norman every week and created a friendship I hope will last after I leave. The unique part of my internship is that I interact with CEO Andre Dixon almost every workday. He is interested in what I have to say and my success within his company.

There is not a hierarchical workplace structure at Verge Magazine, which is normal in the states. We conduct most meetings in coffee shops and cafes, where we can work and chat freely in an open, comfortable environment.

Articles written by Carly during her time at Verge. Photo courtesy of

Articles written by Carly during her time at Verge. Photo courtesy of

Though employees have their own titles, they treat each other as friends and equals, rather than subordinates and bosses. We understand Andre is the head honcho, but there was never a moment when I was nervous to approach him.

When I started, I was thrown into action right away. I was asked what I enjoyed writing about and what my hobbies were. Half an hour later, I was in a meeting about music-event planning.

I write up to three articles every workday, from press releases for makeup to news about Mars One. It challenged me to think on my feet and wear several hats at once.

What I learned so far has been invaluable. I will appreciate it for the rest of my life. There is no other place I would have had the opportunity to work closely with a magazine in a city with so much to offer.

This has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I hope the next month and a half drags by so I can enjoy every moment just a little longer.


Carly Keen

Managing Editor

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