Women’s Resource Center Hosts Week for Women
Photo courtesy of UWSP Women's Resources Center.

Women’s Resource Center Hosts Week for Women

Leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8, the Women’s Resource Center is focusing each day of the preceding week on a particular body part women are usually self-conscious about.

Brianna Soroko, programming liaison for the center, said they will be tabling  in the Dreyfus University Center to encourage people to love their bodies.

Soroko said each day has a different theme: March 2 breasts, March 3 belly, March 4 face, March 5 vagina and March 6 hair.

Photo courtesy of UWSP Women's Resources Center.

Photo courtesy of UWSP Women’s Resources Center.

The center dared women go without a bra or wear their hair naturally. They also held events like a Pure Romance party on March 5 for “Love Your Vagina Day.”

Sophie Hart, facilitator of the Pure Romance party, said the party involved guests purchasing sex toys and products.

Hart’s main goal is to help women feel comfortable with their sexuality.

During the parties I facilitate, I focus on creating a sex-positive and body-positive atmosphere,” Hart said. 

Outside of UWSP, even celebrities are preparing for International Women’s Day. On March 8, Emma Watson will be live on Facebook talking about He for She and gender inequality.


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